Membership to Moncton Multiples is free for families with twins, triplets, and more. We accept members throughout Southeastern New Brunswick, as well as parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Families are encouraged to reach out and join our membership as soon as they know they are expecting multiples, as many of our support services can be of great help during pregnancy and infancy.


If you are expecting multiples, or  already have multiples and wish to join, please send us an e-mail at


If you send us a request to join our closed Facebook group you will receive a private message from our Membership Coordinator (which may end up in your “other” folder) prior to accepting your request.

As an official member you will receive many benefits, including access to our extensive support system and most important of all - contact with other families with multiples. We also hold clothing sales twice a year as well as many other events including a monthly Mom's Night Out, seasonal activities and lots more.

Member Benefits at a Glance

Monthly Mom’s Night Out

New and expecting parents sessions
Family Events (minimum four per year, including trips to the Magnetic Hill Zoo and Magic Mountain)
Early shopping at our Spring and Fall Consignment Sales
Higher commission earned on sales if you participate as a seller in our consignment sales
10% off at Giant Tiger in Moncton
Reimbursement of parking expenses if any of your children are admitted to hospital overnight, as well as any overnight stays for yourself medically required during pregnancy
Access to our Closed Facebook parents' group




We are Families Helping Families

Support is Here!

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