Meet our Current Executive Committee. These Six women work together year round to make sure Moncton Multiples runs as smoothly as possible.


We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and look forward to getting to know you at our next event! 



Cary Beaumont

Jannet Finlayson

Cary has been with Moncton Multiples since our very first meeting! She is Mom to three boys, 12 year old Twins and their 5 year old brother.

Cary has worn a lot of hats within Moncton Multiples, but currently sits on the executive Committee as Sale Chair.

Diane Hudson

Jannet is Mom to 7 year old fraternal twin boys. She found Moncton Multiples through some online research after finding out she was having twins, and has been running all our events as our head coordinator for the past 3 years.

Jenna Lewis

Diane has Boy Girl twins who are almost 2 years old and their big brother is 8.

 She heard about Moncton Multiples from family after making the move to Moncton and has been Running our Expectant parents sessions for the last year.

Kelsie Currie

Jenna's boys are 1 year old identical twins and their 6 year old big brother. 

Jenna became a member after hearing about Moncton Multiples through another twin Mom.

She has since helped many other families become members  for the past year  as our Membership Coordinator.

Sarah Burgess

Kelsie has three girls. 2 year old fraternal twins, and their big sister who is 3.

Kelsie learned of Moncton Multiples after a frantic google search when finding out about her twins. Kelsie has been with the Executive committee since 2018, coordinating MoMs nights and handling our social media, as Vice President. 

Sarah's twins are 7 year old fraternal girls. 

She has also been with Moncton Multiples since our very First Meeting.

Sarah ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and also plans our Annual Moms Retreat.

In addition to being the President of our Executive committee for the past 7 years, Sarah also helps on our Sale committee and is a member of the board.



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